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Miss Chan Man Yee Cara
Chan Man Yee Cara Graduate of Higher Diploma in Dental Hygiene in 2016

Time flies. I have successfully completed this intense and challenging training programme. Being a student of dental hygiene is totally different from a secondary school student. There is no choice but to comply with the instructions during the clinical training sessions. However, it is full of great satisfaction and an unforgettable memory in my entire life. Clinical training is an integrated part of the whole programme. I have to practise clinical skills and apply dental knowledge when treating patients. Besides the clinical treatment, I found that persuading patients from changing their habit and attitude is the most challenging mission. Nevertheless, when I observed a positive change from a patient, I am very delighted with my efforts. In addition, to searching for information and having group discussions are the major ways to acquire knowledge in this problem-based learning (PBL) atmosphere. Compared with the traditional learning, PBL is more inspirational and easier to understand theories and practices. Besides, generic skills courses provide a balanced development for my study and I learned cooperate with team members and it greatly improved my communication skills. Last but not least, what I have learnt in this course is not only the dental knowledge but also working and interacting with different people. This course provides a great foundation for my future career and I am grateful to be one of the graduates in dental hygiene.

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Ben Siu
Ben Siu Graduate of Higher Diploma in Information Technology in 2016

Everyone has a dream of getting into tertiary education. Unfortunately, I failed in my HKDSE. I did not get into university. However, HKU SPACE CC provides me with a second chance. During the two years, I have learned and gained a lot in Higher Diploma in Information Technology programme. In academic perspective, the programme offers a series of IT courses ranging from programming to networking. All of them are useful and meaningful. The course named Internet Programming is a good example. In this course, we learned how to write a website for earning money. Besides, we are required to finish projects all the time in HD IT. Projects cannot be done individually. I learn how to cooperate with my classmates. Each member must have his or her duties in the project. Furthermore, lecturers always share their precious experiences with us. These can help me in workplace. Someone ask me how to get a higher GPA in HKU SPACE CC. My answer is “effort”. In fact, it is one of the factors only. There are many ways that can help you to succeed. Asking question is very essential in college study. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have any difficulties in learning. Lecturers are always ready to give you a helpful hand. In addition, revision can improve your memory capacity. I highly recommend you write “chicken notes”. Writing note can let you understand deeply in the lectures as well as recalling the contents taught easily. Lastly, the most important, is your attitude. Attitude determines everything. If you receive an unsatisfactory result in exam, do not say “the lecturers gave a bad grade for me or challenge him”. Try to ask yourself “How much effort did I spend?”, “Did you prepare well for the exam?”. Although the life in HKU SPACE CC is stressful, it is valuable. As we always say “there is no free lunch in the world”. You must pay your effort in order to enter university. Hopefully, you will be a university student in future.

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