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Message from the College Principal


Founded in 2000, HKU SPACE Community College (CC) seeks to excel in providing secondary school graduates with multiple educational opportunities and learning programmes that equip them to meet the needs of the changing society.

With 17 years of cultivation, the College has nurtured over 32,000 graduates. More than 21,700 of them have been admitted to degree programmes in universities, in which around 10,500 have been admitted to full-time UGC-funded degree programmes, including around 3,700 of them enrolled at HKU. Starting from 2018/19, the number of Senior Year Places of full-time UGC-funded degree programmes exclusively for sub-degree graduates will be increased to 5,000, giving our student a higher chance to be admitted to UGC-funded degree programmes. Apart from articulating to local degree programmes, CC graduates can also articulate to overseas universities under the College’s “Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme” in which graduates can obtain an overseas bachelor’s degree in 1-2 years through studying abroad.

To nurture talents and to promote whole-person development, the College offers not only all-round student counselling and development services, but also different overseas exchange tours, study tours and community engagement initiatives. The College also provides different societies and activities for students and offers them a comprehensive and diversified learning experience to enhance their humanistic values and interpersonal skills. The College aims at training students to become self-motivated, critical and creative learners to cope with challenges in the society and equip them with the ability to tackle complex authentic issues with creative and novel solutions.

Not long ago, a new CC student found a note in the locker written by its previous owner, who wrote that he had been admitted to HKU and would like to encourage the locker’s next user to continue to work hard for his university dream. This note not only touched all staff and students but also served as an encouragement to the College. Every year, only around 12,500 Form 6 students receive an offer from full time UGC-funded degree programmes, which is a devastating blow to those who fail. In fact, sub-degree programme is an alternative for students to get into UGC-funded degree programmes or to prepare themselves for future career. In 2017, nearly 2/3 of CC’s graduates/students who progressed to full-time degree studies were admitted to UGC-funded degree programmes and those who took up employment also had good development in their professions.  As long as you identify the programmes and pathways that are suitable for you, your future is still in your hands.

As the College Principal, I am honoured to be offered a front row seat, witnessing our graduates regaining confidence after studying in the College and bidding them farewell to their brighter futures.  I truly believe that our graduates can hold steadfastly to their dreams and overcome all the difficulties and challenges up ahead.