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Since its establishment in 2000, the HKU SPACE Community College has nurtured over 34,000 graduates. More than 23,000 of them were admitted to degree programmes in universities, including about 3,900 to HKU and 7,300 to other UGC-funded degree programmes. The role of the sub-degree as an alternative pathway for achieving a degree education has been further strengthened by the 5,000 Senior Year Places in UGC universities provided exclusively for sub-degree graduates. Besides, sub-degree graduates may also choose to continue their degree studies in top-up programmes offered by overseas institutions or self-funded tertiary institutes. HKU SPACE offers a “Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme” for Community College graduates to progress directly into particular top-up programmes organised in collaboration with well-established universities in the UK and Australia.

The Community College has recently implemented a series of initiatives to enhance curriculum relevance and to facilitate credit recognition by the UGC universities. All of our Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes now require an experiential learning course in the form of internships, project-based learning or field camps, to name a few. Four new Higher Diploma programmes in Geotechnical Engineering, Data Science, eSports, and Aviation Studies and Piloting are being offered this academic year; they were designed in collaboration with industrial and government bodies to ensure the preparation and employability of the students in the programmes.

The College’s academic curriculum is supplemented with rich and rewarding co-curricular and extracurricular learning activities. Our students have full access to HKU’s library system, and are eligible to represent the University in various intervarsity sports events. While most of the students spend only two years with the Community College, they have ample opportunities to join various activities, such as study tours, service learning trips, the Toastmasters Club events, and singing contests organised by the College and student organisations.

Students have multiple intelligences, and the College’s broad based curriculum allows students to develop an awareness of their strengths, and to build on them. I have been teaching tertiary students in both the US and Hong Kong for over 40 years, and I must say that I am very impressed with the general quality and attitude of our students. The success of many of our graduates in academic pursuit or career development testifies to the growing society impact of our College. The HKU SPACE Community College will continue to strive to realise students’ potential and pave their paths to brighter futures.