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Message from the College Principal



Dear Students, Alumni and Teachers,

Happy New Year! I would like to use this message to recap the Community College’s developments over the past year and several of our future initiatives.

The year 2017 was a busy year for the Community College (CC). We organised a series of events to celebrate jointly the 60th Anniversary of HKU SPACE as well as 16 years of establishment of the Community College. Among the events were a homecoming dinner, Chinese New Year Flower Market stall, Poon Choi, musical and singing contests, in addition to various activities and trips organised by CC, Student Union and student bodies.

For academic developments, we have been phasing in some very important curriculum revisions, enhancing our industrial liaison and experiential learning component of the curriculum, revamping the general education courses into a core curriculum, and placing greater emphasis on student learning experience. We are now planning new learning programmes in areas desired by the local workforce.

We were successful in recruiting about 2500 new students to join CC, in spite of Government’s education voucher scheme for supporting students to attend self-financed degree programmes. This shows that many students prefer to subscribe to the sub-degree study to gain themselves a second opportunity for enrolling in a UGC-funded university for degree study. In fact, our graduates continue to demonstrate an impressive record of academic progression and career advancement. You have done us proud: our CC graduates have been doing well; our Associate Degree (AD) and Higher Diploma (HD) programmes have been making significant impacts in Hong Kong.

You may be aware of the review of the self-financed tertiary institutions currently undertaken by EDB. A particular aspect of the review is whether AD should continue to exist. As the College Principal, I believe that AD is a valuable qualification and should be part of the post-secondary education landscape.  It has been providing a well-recognised pathway for secondary school students to articulate to university programmes, in particular for those who do not meet university entrance requirements in their first attempt. For that, it is imperative that UGC’s senior year admission scheme be continued. Instead of trivializing the AD qualification, the Government should further enhance its recognition and acceptance as it committed to do when AD  was conjured some 18 years ago.

EDB is now soliciting public views on the issue. I would like to encourage you to send your comments on the issue via the following email address: Please do so by Friday, Jan 12, 2018 when the public consultation is closed.

Again, I wish you a successful year ahead.

Prof LS Chan

College Principal