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Providing high quality education and diversified education pathways are always our priorities and also our most important missions since the College’s inception in 2000. With 16 years of cultivation, the College has nurtured over 30,000 graduates. More than 20,000 of them have been admitted to degree programmes in universities in which over 3,400 of them have successfully entered The University of Hong Kong.
HKU SPACE Community College seeks to excel in quality full-time sub-degree education and holistic development of our students in order to prepare them for university education and be capable of tackling complex issues with novel solutions in their future career. With the integration of broad and diverse learning experience, our programmes emphasize on strengthening the humanistic values and interpersonal skills of our students and providing excellent education platforms and opportunities for our students to become self-motivated, critical and creative learners with leadership skills. Our efforts on connecting with the industrial partners for curriculum enhancement are proved to be effective in enriching the learning experience of our students. 
In order to provide our students with a direct and guaranteed pathway to continue their studies at bachelor degree level in overseas universities and to enhance their international exposures, we will continue the “Through-Train Pre-enrolment Scheme” - a joint collaboration with renowned universities in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Australia. Students who have completed the first two years of our Associate Degree / Higher Diploma programme can continue directly onto the third and fourth years of undergraduate studies at the designated overseas universities. 
HKU SPACE Community College will continue to nurture students’ potential and provide them with quality education to help them successfully accomplish their academic and career goals.