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Jennie Mui Lee English Village offers students a rare opportunity to practise spoken English in various real-life situations. The learning activities in the Village will enhance the students’ speaking skills as well as boost their confidence to converse in English. The Village is established to equip the young generation in Hong Kong to become proficient English users in this modern world.

The four courses offered by the English Village are designed to progressively transform shy speakers into confident users of the language.

Course 1: Essential English in Daily Situations

In this course, student use only English to communicate in various real-life settings, such as the airport, clinic, restaurant, grocery store and theme park. The Village furnishes the virtual settings for teaching of individual lessons.

Course 2: English Comprehension Skills through Songs and Films

The course aims to enhance students' listening and comprehension skills. Selected news clips, podcasts, short films, songs and other entertaining media are used to improve students' ability to listen, comprehend and speak English.

Course 3: Spoken English in Academic Setting

This course focuses on enhancing students' confidence and competence to articulate concepts and ideas in English in an academic setting. The learning activities will improve students' ability to give oral presentations of study projects, discuss and critique controversial issues, and debate interesting premises in the classroom.

Course 4: Public Speaking Workshops

The course aims to enhance students' ability to give a good self-introduction and deliver persuasive speeches. The learning activities emphasize training of students' interviewing skills as well as impromptu speaking. Through repeating the speaking exercises, students can build up not only the confidence but also the desire to do public speaking in English.

Each course consists of eight 1.5 hour weekly sessions

Course Fee
HK$1,500 per course (with discount available for the financially needy)


  1. Download Application Form (click here)

  2. Application form available in Learning Centre, 1/F, HKU SPACE Community College


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