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Student Identity Card/ Facility Access Card

The Student Identity Card and the Facilities Access Card are student identification documents which give students the right to access to the College's facilities and services. The Facilities Access Card enables students to gain access to libraries in The University of Hong Kong and to borrow books, as well as to use the sports facilities of The University of Hong Kong.

Student Identity Card

If students have not taken photo for student identity card during the Orientation Day, please bring the following items:

(1) HKID card/Passport; and
(2) Tuition fee receipt

and attend the additional photo-taking session. Details will be announced in Learner Portal in late August 2017.

Facilities Access Card

Students who have attended the Orientation Day in mid-August 2017, please collect your Facilities Access Card in late September 2017. For the remaining students, the Facilities Access Card will be available in mid-October 2017.

Details will be announced in Learner Portal in September 2017.

Student Lockers

Students who wish to apply for lockers at various learning centres, please complete the online application procedures via Learner Portal.

Details will be announced in Learner Portal in September 2017.

IT Services

Students can find the WiFi connection guide at

If students encounter problems in using the WiFi network, please contact our IT Help for technical assistance, which can be accessible through the Learner Portal at (under the Links and Resources → HKU SAPCE e-Services → IT Help).


Hotline: 3762 2000