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Tasks to Do

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Tasks to Do


July 2018
  • Accept the Offer
  • Settle the Tuition Fee on or before the payment deadline on the offer letter
  • Submit the Parent/ Guardian Consent Form (if you are under 18 at the time of admission)
  • Course Exemption* (Optional)
August 2018
  • Orientation Day
  • Registration and take photo for your Student Card & Facilities Access Card
  • Access to Learner Portal
  • Briefing on Financial Assistance, including CEF/ FASP/ NLSPS (Optional)
  • Student Union Activities (Optional)
September 2018
  • Release of Semester 1 Timetable
  • Semester Starts
  • Class Swapping Briefing (If applicable)
  • Perform Class Swapping Exercise (If applicable)
  • Finalise Timetable in Week 3
  • Book Fair (Optional)
  • Apply for Student Locker (Optional)
  • Collect Facilities Access Card

*Course Exemption

Exemption from Courses
Under special circumstances that a student is found academically incapable of taking a certain course, the student may apply for exemption from one or more courses of study. If the student’s application is approved, he/she may take another course as a replacement.
Exemption from Course Attendance
If a student has already attained satisfactory results in a course equivalent to the course he/she is required to take, he/she may apply for exemption from the requirement to attend the lessons of the course. However, they HAVE TO attend the final examination of the course.
For details, students may refer to the section of ‘Application for Course Exemption’ in the Student Handbook which will be distributed during Orientation Days.