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The tuition fees for newly admitted students^ in the academic year 2017-18 are as follows:



Diploma in Foundation Studies Programme 

$47,000 per year

Associate Degree Programmes (2-year)

  • Arts in Languages and Humanities

  • Arts in Media, Cultural and Creative Studies

  • Arts in Legal Studies

  • Business Administration

  • Chinese Medicine

  • Engineering

  • Social Sciences

$55,000 per year

  • Science

$57,000 per year

  • Health Science (Biomedical Sciences)

$59,000 per year

  • Health Science (Nursing Studies)

$76,000 per year

Higher Diploma Programmes (2-year)

  • Business

  • Healthcare and Health Plan Administration

  • Interior Design

  • Library and Information Management

  • Logistics and Transport 

  • Marketing

  • New Media and Communication

  • Public Relations and Corporate Communications

  • Visual Communication

$55,000 per year

  • Airline and Airport Services  (NEW)

  • Architectural Studies

  • Aviation Studies

  • Engineering

  • Information Security (NEW) 

  • Information Technology

  • Translation and Interpretation

$57,000 per year

  • Dental Hygiene

$66,000 per year

  • General Nursing (Enrolled Nurses)#

$63,000 per year 

Clinical Placement Fee:
To be confirmed

All tuition fees are paid annually in two instalments and are subject to annual revision. On proceeding to the next level of study, you are required to pay the tuition fees prescribed for the corresponding academic year.

Other Fees

  • You are required to pay a deposit of HK$500, known as "caution money". If there are no claims against your caution money, it will be used to pay your graduation fee, or will be refunded if you leave the College before graduation.

  • You are also a member of the Students' Union and are currently required to pay a membership fee of HK$55 per semester. This fee may be revised upwards during your period of study.

^ Subject to adjustment, if necessary
# The College will announce the admissions arrangement of this programme at a later time. Interested applicants please refer to the latest News published on the College’s website.