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Associate of Arts in Legal Studies

Programme Code: AD 108 Online Application 3416 6338 2305 5315

Application Code 報名編號 : CC 88 - 207

Programme Aims & Features

The Associate of Arts in Legal Studies programme is designed to provide a balanced mix of professional legal education and broadbased education to support all-round personal development, which is a good stepping stone for those who would like to further their studies in law or other bachelor’s degree programmes.

Professional and outstanding teachers

Legal courses of this programme are mainly taught by qualified lawyers with extensive teaching experience. Students would have the opportunities to know more about legal concepts and theories, and practical experiences in the legal profession.

Flexible programme structure

Students may choose to do a variety of courses in Social Sciences and Business. Having acquired the essentials of professional legal knowledge, students can pave their way for further studies and career development in an extensive range of areas, such as law, government, politics, administration, education, journalism, management, finance, accounting and human resources.

Professional Recognition

Graduates who have taken relevant courses in the programme will be exempted from 2 papers in the Professional examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Furthermore, students can apply for Affiliate grade membership of the Institute of Paralegals, a UK-based body, while studying for the Associate of Arts in Legal Studies. By becoming an Affiliate member then, upon completion of the programme, one is automatically eligible for Associate membership.

Opportunities for Further Studies

In the past several years, many year one students and graduates of this programme have received offers from local universities to continue their studies in various bachelor’s degree programmes, including social sciences, law, government and laws, business and arts.

2016 Overall Progression Rate: 78%
Government-funded Bachelor’s Degree Programmes: 74%

Many of our graduates/students are admitted to UGC-funded degree programmes every year. The list below shows the programmes that our graduates/students of the past three years articulated to*:

The University of Hong Kong
BEd and BSocSc (Double Degree)
BSc Information Management

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BA Cultural Management
BA English

BSSc Global Studies

City University of Hong Kong
BA English Studies
BA Linguistics and Language Applications
BA Translation and Interpretation
BSocSc Criminology
BSocSc Public Policy, Management and Politics
BSocSc Public Policy and Politics

Hong Kong Baptist University
BA (Hons) Music
BBA (Hons)
BSocSc (Hons) China Studies

The Education University of Hong Kong
BEd (Hons) (Primary) General Studies Major              

Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the full-time top-up degree programmes offered locally by HKU SPACE International College in collaboration with the following university:

University of Hull, UK
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Criminology
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Criminology with Psychology
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Criminology and Sociology
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sociology

Middlesex University London, UK
BA (Hons) Journalism and Media
BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies
BA (Hons) Publishing and Digital Culture

The University of Western Australia, Australia
Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) - Japanese Language Pathway
Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) - Korean Language Pathway
Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) - Communication Studies Pathway
Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Studies) - Language Studies Pathway 

University of the West of England, Bristol


Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme

University of South Australia, Australia
Bachelor of Business (Legal Studies) 

Special Entrance Requirement

Applicants are also required to have obtained Level 3 or above in the HKDSE English Language, or obtained Level 3 / Grade D or above in the HKCEE English Language or Grade E or above in AS Use of English in the HKALE, or equivalent.


*The above list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the examples.

  • Advanced Chinese Language
  • English for Academic Purposes I and II
  • Introduction to Academic English
  • Intra- and Interpersonal Competencies
  • English for Business
  • Introduction to Multimedia / Information Technology and Applications
  • Quantitative Analysis I or Mathematics with Applications


Year 1

  • Introduction to Hong Kong Law and Legal Practice
  • Obligations I
  • The Hong Kong Basic Law
  • Introduction to Political Science

Year 2

  • Business Associations and Commercial Practice
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Obligations II

Electives (Year 2)

Choose ONE course from the following

  • Hong Kong Land Law and Conveyancing
  • Government and Politics of Hong Kong

(Choose ONE course from each category)

Year 1

Humanities and Arts

  • Psychology & Everyday Life


Global Issues and Development

  • Social Institutions and Everyday Life
  • Intercultural Communication and Competence

Year 2

Reasoning & Science

  • Ideas that Shaped the Modern World 
  • Energy and Environment
  • Food and the Body


Chinese Societies: Heritage and Culture

  • Rethinking Popular Culture
  • Understanding Social Problems in Hong Kong

Courses offered in each semester are subject to student enrolment and resources available.

Aimen Wasee
Aimen Wasee
  • 2015-16 Associate of Arts in Legal Studies (Year 2)
  • Offer received: HKU - BSocSc (Year 3)
  • Offer received: PolyU - BA (Hons) in Social Policy and Administration (Year 3)
  • Offer received: CityU - BSocSc (Hons) in Applied Sociology (Year 3 Entry)

HKU SPACE Community College is a fantastic alternative to university. It also has a vast range of extra-curricular activities and is very accommodating to students from all backgrounds. I strongly believe that the college is a great stepping stone to higher education.

Jabe Lau
Jabe Lau
  • 2014-15 AALS year 2
  • Offer received: HKU - Bachelor of Arts

Be ready to turn a new page here in SPACE and learn something new to expand your vision. The College is a place to lay a sound foundation for your future study or career. Although it’s never an easy journey at HKU SPACE, the lecturers are always helpful and attentive to your questions. The challenges and pressure are bitter, yet, the exhilaration of victory will bring you sweetness that you have never tasted. Best wishes for your study!

Krystal Hung
Krystal Hung
  • 2014-15 AALS Year 2
  • Offer received: HKU - Bachelor of Arts
  • Offer received: CityU - College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Social Sciences)

HKUSPACE Community College is the place where I learn to seek accomplishment – The road to success, may be tortuous, just keep the faith and aim high. Thanks to the whole-hearted teaching of every lecturer, I find my dedication and perseverance to triumph. No matter what others say, just focus on your own and believe in yourself – never doubt your capabilities.

Annie Hung
Annie Hung
  • 2014-15 AALS Year 2
  • Offer received: HKU - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Senior year entry)
  • Offer received: CityU - Bachelor of Arts in Translation & Interpretation (Senior year entry)
  • Offer received: CityU - Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Policy & Politics (Senior year entry)

Studying in HKU SPACE Community College is far more fruitful and memorable than I would have expected. Apart from the well-designed courses concentrating in Law, and the solid foundation provided by Humanity and Social Sciences, the College lecturers here are more than nice to provide feedback to my coursework and are always ready to solve our academic difficulties, which has been largely enhancing students’ learning efficacy.

Franky Wong
Franky Wong
  • 2015-16 AALS Year 2
  • Offer received: CityU - Criminology (AS II)

HKU SPACE is a good place for students to realize their shortcomings while at the same time prepare them for their university studies. I learned it in a hard way that confidence is a good thing which guides me to my goal, but overdoing it will usually lead me to the otherwise. Treasure every opportunity to learn since you will never find out what you may miss. Diligence and persistence are always the key to success.

Betsy Bui
Betsy Bui
  • 2015-16 Associate of Arts in Legal Studies (Year 2)
  • Offer received: CityU - LLB
  • Offer received: CityU - Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing (Year 2)

Courses offered in AALS not only allowed me to have an in-depth and rational discussion on current affairs, but also provided me with some foundation knowledge on legal concepts. It broadened my horizons and enabled me to become a more all-round person.

Nicole Leung
Nicole Leung
  • 2015-16 Associate of Arts in Legal Studies Year 2
  • Offer received: HKU - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Senior year entry)
  • Offer received: CUHK - Bachelor of Social Sciences in Government and Public Administration (Year 1)
  • Offer received: PolyU - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Policy and Administration (UGC-funded) (Senior year entry)

Studying in HKU SPACE Community College is a turning point of my life. Apart from the major discipline in legal studies, the broadbased curriculum with a diverse range of courses like those from Social Sciences allows me to explore my interests and strength on heterogeneous courses. Meanwhile, the college lecturers are always available to discuss with us and I am filled with gratitude for that. This programme helps to equip me with comprehensive knowledge to continue my further studies and achieve my goal.

Edwin Tsui
Edwin Tsui
  • 2014-15 Associate of Arts in Legal Studies Year 2
  • Offer received: CUHK – BSSc in Global Studies (Senior Year Entry)
  • Offer received: HKBU – BSocSc in Communication (PR & Advertising) (Senior Year Entry)
  • Offer received: CityU – BSocSc Asian and International Studies (Advanced Standing II)
  • Offer received: CityU – BSocSc Applied Sociology (Advanced Standing II)
  • Offer received: CityU – BSocSc Public Policy and Politics (Advanced Standing I)

Two years ago, I came to HKU SPACE CC with hesitation and frustration, but now I am proud enough to say that the college’s study has turned my life to a brand new page. In AALS, not only have I been allowed to take courses in law, humanities and social sciences, which expand my range of interests and knowledge, more importantly, my caliber has been effectively sharpened through intensive learning in debating, thesis writing, and presentation. All these have shaped me as an all-round student with a clear vision.