基础专上教育文凭课程 基础专上教育文凭课程


课程编号: CC 001 3416 6338 2305 5315 dfs@hkuspace.hku.hk

Application Code 报名编号 : CC 88 - 103


(资历级别为第三级,资历名册登记号码:15/003061/L3;登记有效日期:18/9/2015 至 登记持续有效。)

  • 一年制课程,适合未符合副学位入学资格同学报读。
  • 修毕课程直升本学院两年制副学士 / 高级文凭。
  • 特设「基础专上教育文凭奖学金」(HKD10,000) 赠予GPA达3.3或以上并直升本学院副学位同学。
  • 学习基金计划














* 个别课程收生要求或有不同


理想升学 机会处处


升读文学副学士 ⇒ 香港理工大学 语言、文化及传意广泛学科
升读文学副学士 ⇒ 香港中文大学哲学(荣誉)文学士
升读文学副学士 ⇒ 香港中文大学性别研究社会科学(荣誉) 学士
升读文学副学士 (法律学) ⇒ 香港城市大学法律学(荣誉)学士
升读文学副学士 (法律学) ⇒ 香港城市大学社会科学(荣誉)学士 – 公共政策、管理及政治
升读文学副学士(法律学) ⇒ 香港城市大学(荣誉)文学士 – 英语语言
升读文学副学士 ⇒ 香港教育大学创意艺术与文化(荣誉)文学士 – 音乐
升读工商管理副学士 ⇒ 香港理工大学物流工程及管理(荣誉)理学士
升读工程学副学士 ⇒ 香港理工大学工业及系统工程学(荣誉)工学士
升读工程学副学士 ⇒ 香港科技大学电子计算机工程学(荣誉)工学士
升读工程学副学士 ⇒ 香港科技大学电子计算机工程学(荣誉)工学士
升读健康科学副学士 ⇒ 香港科技大学生物科学理学士
升读健康科学副学士 ⇒ 香港大学护理学(荣誉)学士
升读理学副学士 ⇒ 香港大学分子生物学及生物科技(荣誉)理学士
升读理学副学士 ⇒ 香港大学化学系(荣誉)理学士
升读理学副学士 ⇒ 香港大学风险管理(荣誉)理学士
升读应用社会科学副学士 ⇒ 香港岭南大学社会科学(荣誉)学士
升读应用社会科学副学士 ⇒ 香港中文大学运动科学与健康教育(荣誉)理学士
升读工程学高级文凭 ⇒ 香港理工大学电子及资讯工程学(荣誉)工学士
升读工程学高级文凭 ⇒ 香港城市大学(荣誉)工学士
升读工程学高级文凭 ⇒ 香港大学(荣誉)工学士
升读工程学高级文凭 ⇒ 香港理工大学工程物理学(荣誉)理学士—光电子学
升读工程学高级文凭 ⇒ 香港理工大学屋宇设备工程学(荣誉)工学士
升读商业学高级文凭 - 财务学 ⇒ 香港大学资讯管理(荣誉)理学士
升读资讯科技高级文凭 ⇒ 香港科技大学电脑科学(荣誉)工学士
升读市场学高级文凭 ⇒ 香港城市大学资讯管理(荣誉)工商管理学士
  1. 完成课程后,学员资历未达聘任公务员,即香港中学文凭考试 5 科 2 级 (包括 中、英文) 之要求;及
  2. 其他院校未必认可本学院所颁授的资历或不获作为衔接副学位或其他课程的升学资历;及
  3. 学生不能申请学生资助处提供的「专上学生资助计划」但可申请「扩展的免入息审查贷款计划」;及
  4. 基础专上教育文凭课程属低於专上课程级别。根据现行入境条例,如申请人所选读之课程并非专上课程级别,其来港就读的签证或进入许可申请或不获入境事务处批准。

Core Courses

(To be taken by all students, 5-7 courses)


  • General English I
  • General English II
  • College Speaking
  • College Writing or Foundation English
  • Foundations of Chinese Language
  • General Mathematics

(Take 3-5 courses)


  • Multiple Intelligences and Competencies
  • Elements of Business
  • The Science of Everyday Life
  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • Understanding Hong Kong Popular Culture
  •  Western Images of China

A series of multidisciplinary seminars throughout the academic year.


Chung Man Hin, Henry
Chung Man Hin, Henry
  • 2015-16 Diploma in Foundation Studies
  • 2016-17 Higher Diploma in Transport and Logistics Management (Year 1)

Studying for the Diploma in Foundation Studies has given me with a valuable and unforgettable experience. I remember the time playing exciting games on welcoming day and the lively learning atmosphere in the interactive classes. I've come to realize that serious learning can also be done with fun. The most important change for me was my transformation to becoming a more confident and dedicated student. With a stronger belief that I can do it, I find myself more motivated towards my goal of studying at university.

Hui Tsz Chun, Adrian
Hui Tsz Chun, Adrian
  • 2015-16 Diploma in Foundation Studies
  • 2016-17 Higher Diploma in Information Technology (Year 1)

Studying the Diploma in Foundation Studies was the most unforgettable year to me, as I could find my way to tertiary education though studying different subjects. Besides of knowledge from textbook, I also had a chance to widen my horizons by participating in seminars and activities provided by the College. Moreover, I made a lot of new friends during my study. It is a joyful learning experience in this programme.

Hung Chun Ho, Oscar
Hung Chun Ho, Oscar
  • 2015-16 Diploma in Foundation Studies
  • 2016-17 Associate of Science (Year 1)

In 2015, I was in the watershed of my life, followed by my failure in the HKDSE. I was lucky enough to earn a chance to study for the Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS). It turns out that my experience studying for the DFS is very different from my old days in secondary school. The emphasis on continuous assessment means that our performance is assessed in an all-round manner, and this eases off my exam stress. The multi-disciplinary nature of the curriculum also opened my eyes to new academic disciplines which I did not encounter at the high school level. This 1-year programme let me re-built my confidence in Science, and put me back on track to pursue further studies in this area when I promoted to the Associate of Science programme. I’m convinced I made the right choice studying for the DFS.

Chow Tin Long, Jason
Chow Tin Long, Jason
  • 2013-14 Certificate in General Studies
  • 2014-16 Associate of Arts (English Studies)
  • 2016 BA English for the Professions, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Foundation programme, or as some misinformed people may refer to it, the so-called a stepping stone for those HKDSE losers, is actually much more than that! I still remember a lecturer teaching on the summer bridging course who said "HKDSE is just a fragment in your life, it is not the be all and end all” Indeed, throughout my three years at HKU SPACE Community College, the foundation year was the most beneficial to my studies. As a student in AA English Studies, it is vital for me to be able to express my thoughts in a systematic and cohesive way. The foundation year cultivated my essay writing skills and enhanced my English proficiency which has proven to be essential for further studies at the tertiary level. Speaking of survival skills, being able to manage deadline is a must in college life. Undoubtedly, this is also an opportunity to learn how to prioritize tasks and deal with pressure. The programme enhanced my self-motivation and my ability to become a better student equipped with impressive time management skills. Now, I am currently studying at PolyU and would like to express my deepest gratitude to those lecturers at HKU SPACE CC who helped me along the path tertiary education. Without their belief in me and their dedication to me, I would not have enjoyed such success.

Ishaq Arooj
Ishaq Arooj
  • Diploma in Foundation Studies
  • Associate of Arts (English Studies)
  • City University of Hong Kong, BA Linguistics

Studying in the foundation programme was one of the most fruitful years in my life as I had a chance to learn new fields of subjects, such as Film and Philosophy, in order to understand the concepts by watching related movies that were quite new and interesting. In fact, we had to do a film-making project based on one of the concepts learnt at class, which allowed us to further apply the terms and concepts learnt to deepen our understanding. Even though I started my Associate of Arts in English Studies afterwards, we students still kept in touch with the lecturers and often missed the lessons. Having now the opportunity to choose between English and literature at the Baptist University and Linguistics at City University, I will never forget the time chasing deadlines, having fun company of classmates and consultation hours with patient lecturers. ”

Lam Pak Hei, Roy
Lam Pak Hei, Roy
  • Student of the Higher Diploma in Engineering Programme
  • Diploma in Foundation Studies

当我中五完成毅进课程后,便投身社会,工作了接近七年,直到2014年得朋友介绍入读学院的基础专上教育文凭,亦多谢学院 给我这个读书的机会。 还记得第一天来到九龙湾的校舍,都有担心自己会否跟不上进度,读书压力会否很大,令人透不过气?结果,这一年来,我肯定 了自己读书的能力,而且,更一再找到自己真正路向。此外,对比起工作时每天面对尔虞我诈的人事关係,在学院里我有幸还结 识了一班志同道合又能交心的好朋友,所以我十分庆幸选择了基础专上教育文凭这条升学路。

Chu King Man, Madge
Chu King Man, Madge
  • Student of the Associate of Arts in Languages and Humanities Programme
  • Diploma in Foundation Studies

Facing the failure of HKDSE, I did not meet the entrance requirements of Associate Degree programmes. Losing the clear direction towards studying, I was undoubtedly confused. Fortunately, the Diploma in Foundation Studies (DFS) offers me a chance to pave my way to tertiary education. By taking the 1-year course, I’m given a taste of studying various subjects so as to develop my interests in a variety of academic disciplines. The programme also helps me by offering training in critical thinking so that we’re all well-equipped with the skills required to get into an AD / HD programme. In short, I enjoyed taking the course as a starting point of my study journey as it indeed provides me with a variety of learning opportunities.

Li Tsz Ching, Vienna
Li Tsz Ching, Vienna
  • Student of the Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies Programme
  • Diploma in Foundation Studies

Two years ago, I finished my HKDSE examination. Although the result displeased me, I hoped I could get into university one day. Therefore, I chose this programme because I knew would have a chance to study in higher education after this. I think this programme has helped me a lot in giving me a clear vision of where I am heading. Besides, I also improved my learning skills through studying different subjects. In addition, I made a lot of friends in this programme. I am enjoying this programme very much.

Andrew Chan
Andrew Chan
  • Diploma in Foundation Studies

The College is indeed much more than a place to fight for a high GPA. Over the years, I’ve benefited a lot in interest mining and personal development. Specializing in Science, I have also explored my interest in various subject areas including psychology, culture and even philosophy, thanks to the multi-disciplinary nature of the programme. The focus on continuous assessment and group work has also polished my communication and problem solving skills, which would be useful for a lifetime. I particularly treasure the preparatory workshops that the College offered before the start of our study. Workshops on English writing, presentation skills, as well as student sharing sessions gave me a head start by familiarizing myself to the learning environment at a tertiary level.

  • Diploma in Foundation Studies

我在文凭试的失误并非我学习歷程中的终结,而是开展我学习的新一页。在课程中,学习的内容是可以让我在往后的课程中打好基础,迎接更多的挑战。 同学间的互相合作,令我建立良好的人际关係。加上同学间的互相支持,令我在遇到问题时,会更有动力解决问题。 同时,我发现自己并非输在起跑线,只是让自己做好热身,令我在往后的学习跑道上更能翱翔。

Yam Ho Hei
Yam Ho Hei
  • Diploma in Foundation Studies

Studying in CGS (renamed as DFS) is the most unforgettable learning experience in my life. I think the content of the programme is just at the right level so that I was able to be familiar with the study mode at a tertiary level in a short period of time. At the same time, studying here also allows me to improve my interpersonal skills. I met a lot of new friends when I was studying in CGS; we helped each other to get projects done. We still have a good friendship now even if we are not studying in the same programme.