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文學及人文 文學及人文


課程編號: HD 102 在線申請 3762 0074 2214 1870 hdarch@hkuspace.hku.hk

Application Code 報名編號 : CC 66 - 201



  • 自 2003 年起,一些畢業生成功升讀香港大學或香港中文大學的建築學學位課程。
  • 自 2005 年起,本課程的畢業生可銜接至澳洲科廷大學 應用科學學士(建築科學)(最後一年),此為本地 授課的銜接學位課程。
  • 於 2010 年,首位本課程畢業生成為香港註冊建築師。
  • 建築學學生可使用專為本課程而設的工作室。
  • 課程內容多元化,包括多種戶外考察、項目研究活動及週年亞洲建築遊學團。









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  • 新南威爾斯大學
  • 阿德雷得大學
  • 建築聯盟學院
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* 尚待審批


澳洲昆士蘭科技大學 (Queensland University of Technology)

澳洲南澳大學 (University of South Australia)




除一般入學資格外,申請人須同時取得香港中學會考數學科合格成績,或於香港中學文憑考試數學科 (必修部份) 考獲第二級或以上成績。


  • English for Architectural Studies


  • Architectural Design 2

Year 1

  • Architectural Design I
  • Building Construction I
  • Building Structures I
  • Environmental Controls I
  • Visual Studies I
  • Architects in Practice
  • Modern Architecture


Year 2


  • Building Construction II
  • Building Structures II
  • Environmental Controls II
  • Visual Studies II
  • Aspects of Professional Practice
  • Appreciation in Landscape Architecture


Jonathan Siu
Jonathan Siu
  • 2015 Higher Diploma in Architectural Studies, HKU SPACE Community College
  • 2017 BA (Hons) in Architecture, Oxford Brookes University

Through Architecture, I want to express myself in a more interesting way. Architecture has always been a self-motivated discipline that demands immense amounts of determination. Thus, it is undoubtedly a lifelong challenge to learn Architecture. While I found myself disappointed with the JUPAS result, HKU SPACE CC offered me an opportunity to rediscover my journey.

The Higher Diploma in Architectural Studies programme at HKU SPACE CC is a well- organized programme that provides all-round training for its students. It encourages the balance between 3-D designs and design resolutions, the exploration in historic and cultural contexts, as well as applications in the local practical field. In addition to this witnessing is always one of the best ways to understand Architecture. Here, the programme arranges a field trip every year for students to interact with award-winning architects through their work. In this way, students will also develop and sharpen their critical judgment while being introduced to an array of precedents.

As competitive as this career is, you will surely experience a taste of the attitude and responsibility needed to possess in the career path, let alone the numerous job placements posted by the department every summer. With a high level of autonomy, I have been able to express my ideas through different media and in-depth research. Also, my work stayed consistent through cross-related modules in the programme. Taking full control over my projects, these two years of self-learning experience have taught me a valuable lesson in discipline.

More importantly, the 2-year programme enriched my portfolio with a collection of projects, on a scale from delicate installations, public pavilions, to large museums. Providing me with a solid base in designing, the programme has enabled me to further pursue my study for BA (Hons) in Architecture at the Oxford Brookes University.

Whether you would like to start practicing in the field or continue on furthering studies, this programme will certainly be an efficient way to help you equip yourself with everything you need to achieve your goals.

Trust your instincts and never let go of what you want to do. The Higher Diploma in Architectural Studies programme at HKU SPACE CC might as well be another option to understand your powers and limits. Step out of your comfort zone and explore yourself. To fellow students who are in pursuit of Architecture, I wish you all success in your future!