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Higher Diploma in Airline and Airport Services

Programme Code: HD 134 Online Application 2587 3232 / 3762 0910 2571 8480

Application Code 報名編號 : CC 65 - 209



Programme Features

This programme aims to cover the major knowledge and skill competency required for modern airline and airport passenger service operations. Students have the chance to conduct practice at the industry-graded cabin mock-up to strengthen their aviation services knowledge and skills.

The programme has received strong local and international industry supports including the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy and Incheon International Airport Corporation of South Korea. These organizations have agreed to provide internship opportunities for our students, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recognizes training courses and field trips conducted at the restricted areas of the Hong Kong International Airport and the Incheon International Airport.  In addition, the programme is also supported by the Heliservices (HK) Ltd. which provides awards (helicopter flying experience) to students who have excellent performance in aviation risk assessment projects.

Progression Paths

Local Universities

Graduates could apply for admissions to various UGC-funded degree programmes at local universities including Bachelor of Aviation Management and Operations, Arts, Business, Global Studies, Logistics, Social Sciences and Tourism disciplines, etc.

HKU SPACE International College

Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the fulltime degree programmes offered locally by the HKU SPACE International College in collaboration with the Swinburne University of Technology leading to the award of Bachelor of Aviation Management

  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I & II
  • Information Technology and Application
  • English for Aviation Profession
  • Statistics for Business and Social Sciences
  • Practical Chinese


Year 1 

  • Introduction to Aviation Industry
  • Safety Awareness in Aviation
  • Airline Business Development and Management
  • Air Cargo Services
  • Airport and Airline Operations
  • Airport Services I
  • Airline In-flight Services I


Year 2

  • Environmental Factors in Aviation
  • Human Factors and Performance
  • Airport Services II
  • Airline In-flight Services II

Project or Aviation Placement (Take either one)

  • Project
  • Aviation Placement


Li Lok Yee, Lois
Li Lok Yee, Lois
  • 2016 Customer Service Specialist, Cathay Pacific
  • 2015 Graduate, Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Aviation Management, Coventry University
  • 2014 Graduate, Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies
  • 2013 Internship Programme – Jardine Aviation Services

I have great aspiration in aviation, that's why I chose Aviation Studies in HKU SPACE Community College in 2012. Throughout the two years, other than the knowledge taught by lecturer, the college also provides us opportunity to work at the airport or with different airlines. Luckily, I had a chance to work at Jardine Aviation Services as a ground staff. Although I only worked for a short period, I really enjoyed working in the field that I love. I am currently working in the Customer Service Department at Cathay Pacific. The time here is wonderful. Hope that aviation-lovers can also find themselves from this programme.

Napoles Karen Allisa
Napoles Karen Allisa
  • 2015 Flight Attendant, Finnair
  • 2015 Graduate, Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Aviation Management, Coventry University
  • 2014 Graduate, Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies
  • 2014 Delegate, Singapore Aviation (Airshow) Study Trip
  • 2013 Delegate, Aviation China Study Trip (Tianjing-Beijng)

Hi, I am Allisa, a graduate of Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies programme. After I acquired the Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies programme, I took a Top-Up degree in Aviation Management with Coventry University, who has a partnership with City University of Hong Kong. I enrolled the Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies programme in HKU SPACE CC because I had great intentions to pursue a career in Aviation; my goal was to be a pilot. Right now, I am a flight attendant flying for Finnair, but I have not forgotten my real dream, and I am still doing everything that I can to fulfill my heart’s desire. During my final year, I also spent some time working for a business jet company in Hong Kong under Supply Chain and Procurement. I have learnt how to source aircraft materials from this job and I was also able to assist them with acquiring new equipment for their new branch in Macau. It was a challenging but exciting experience for me.

When I graduated from the Higher Diploma programme, I rewarded myself with two hours of leisure flight, an hour with Cessna 152 and another one with Cessna 172. This was something incredible for me, I suggest every person who dreams to be a pilot to try this, given the money and time. In the vast of two years with HKU SPACE CC, they were able to give us the maximum exposure to aviation. For example in Year 1, we visited Heliservices Inc., where we were educated about helicopters and this is when I realized, being a pilot doesn’t only mean flying for commercial airlines, there are many positions pilots can have, and the most interesting for me is flying helicopters for search and rescue.

In Year 2, we had a 4-day Aviation trip to Beijing. And in the middle of Year 2, we headed to the Singapore Airshow 2014 for 6 days. We had exclusive opportunities; talks from Airbus, Boeing, CAE, Gulfstream and Singapore Polytechnic. I was even lucky to be interviewed by Airbus official media. I was one of the leaders for the Orientation Camp 2014. Our activities included city hunt, team building games and had a BBQ party at night before we had a beauty pageant. It was very enjoyable; all the planning and preparations paid off. All these activities made it possible for me to make a lot of friends who are also passionate about aviation and this is excellent as one of our lecturers said, “In aviation, sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know”.

Chan Ying Kit, Sonic
Chan Ying Kit, Sonic
  • 2014 Flight Attendant, Cathay Pacific
  • 2014 Graduate of Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Aviation Management
  • 2013 Graduate of Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies
  • 2013 - Internship Programme – Hong Kong Airlines

To pursue your dream, getting in university is not the only path now. I am really thankful after taking the Higher Diploma in Aviation Studies in HKU SPACE CC.

I have learnt a lot of aviation knowledge in these two years. The whole package of study was practical and the learning experience was extraordinarily sensational. No matter what outcome you are searching for studying in here, all you can get is quality study and knowledge, and these can actually help you to build up even up higher academic rung!

This course opens the door of aviation industry for me. The most valuable thing is that I can meet a lot of experts of that industry who are experienced and professional. Because of that, we can get to know the most up-to-date knowledge and information about the subject, and the expertise they are practicing now in the workplace.

Flying is not easy at all. I am a cabin crew of Cathay Pacific Airways now. I have visited many places where I have never been to, such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc. There is no boundary to fly in the sky. I appreciate that this course has helped me to take off from the ground and land back again securely with bundle full of useful knowledge and experience. Had I not chosen CC as my post-secondary study, I would still be engaging in something very down to earth, without dreams and hopes.