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Higher Diploma in Information Security

Programme Code: HD 135 Online Application 3416 6338 2305 5315

Application Code 報名編號 : CC 80 - 104


This programme introduces fundamental knowledge and skills in Information Security. The curriculum covers different aspects of Information Security, including Audit, Information Security Management System, Network Security, Data Center Security and Forensics.

Some courses are taught by the practitioners from the industry, and our students will be exposed to the state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. Besides conventional lectures and laboratory sessions, the programme team works with the industry to provide students with internship/externship opportunities. Student will be required to complete a self-directed final year project under the supervision of an expert from the industry.

Graduates of this programme can serve as information security sub-professionals. They are equipped with the required knowledge for pursuing the information security-related certifications.They are also capable of becoming information security professionals through further study or professional training plus work experience.

Progression Paths

Graduates could apply for admissions to various UGC-funded degree programmes at local universities including Bachelor of Engineering, Science and Computing disciplines, etc.   

HKU SPACE International College - Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the full-time top-up degree programme offered locally by HKU SPACE International College in collaboration with overseas renowned university:

University of London International Programmes (Lead College: Goldsmiths)

  • Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems


Career Prospects

Graduates of our programme can apply for the following jobs in the market: 

  • Information Security Engineer
  • Junior Information System Auditor (Non-Big4 Firm)
  • Security Production Pre-sales person
  • Junior Penetration Tester
  • Secure Coding Developer
  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I & II
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Daily Life Applications
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • English for Science and Technology
  • Practical Chinese

Year 1 

  • Information Security
  • Information Security Administration
  • Computer Systems and Network Protocol Essentials
  • Ethics and Computing Professionalism 
  • Project Management for Information Technology
  • Local Area Networking
  • Security Audit Fundamentals 

Year 2 

  • Shell Programming
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Information Security Management Systems
  • Introduction to Computer Forensics
  • Data Center Security Requirements and Compliances
  • Network Security
  • Project (Information Security)