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Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication

Programme Code: HD 122 Online Application 2587 3219 2571 8480

Application Code 報名編號 : CC 66 - 702

With new media channels derived by Internet technologies, new media applications are highly recognised by the public. It provides new distinguishing features so as to enhance the communication effectiveness with instant, interactive, and revolutionary methods where traditional communication channels have never been achieved before. A plethora of marketing and business promotion activities are disseminated through new media and social media platforms in Hong Kong, and the demand for media production service is rising significantly. The market expects new kinds of media work for interactive platforms and requires a new generation of producers who not only possesses communication knowledge, but is also versatile in both media planning and new media technology. 

Programme Aims & Features

This programme aims to cover arts, humanities and information technology training to let students understand better the underlying concepts of communication as well as the practical production issues of the new media. 

Media Production and Internship Opportunities

Students are encouraged to apply for a number of media production project and summer internships on a voluntary basis. These opportunities do not carry any credits but the production experiences with live project and knowledge gained will prove invaluable for students to develop their future careers.

Opportunities for Further Studies 

Local or overseas universities offer Bachelor's degree programmes covering a comprehensive range of knowledge fields in the areas of digital media, new media, communication, broadcasting and journalism.

2016 Overall Progression Rate: 81%

Many of our graduates/students are admitted to UGC-funded degree programmes every year. The list below shows the programmes that our graduates/students of the past three years articulated to*:

Hong Kong Baptist University
BSocSc (Hons) Communication - Film & Media Arts
City University of Hong Kong
BA Digital Television and Broadcasting
BAS New Media
BA Media and Communication
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
BSc (Hons) Internet & Multimedia Technologies


Through-train Pre-enrolment Scheme

Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Bachelor of Media and Communication 
Bachelor of Creative Industries (Media and Communication)
Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the full-time top-up degree programmes offered locally by HKU SPACE International College in collaboration with the following universities:

Middlesex University London, UK
BA (Hons) Journalism and Media
BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies
BA (Hons) Publishing and Digital Culture
The University of the West of England, Bristol
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media Culture and Practice


Career Prospects

Graduates of the programme will have direct employment opportunities in the local media production industry, covering areas of media management, marketing and corporate communications. Potential career opportunities for graduates include:

  • Client Servicing Officer / Manager (New Media)
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Content Marketing Officer / Manager
  • Media Producer / Editor
  • Cross-media Designer
  • Social Media Executive / Manager
  • Marketing and Public Relations Manager


*The above list is not exhaustive and only shows some of the examples.


  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Mathematics and Statistics for Daily Life Applications
  • Introduction to Academic English
  • English for Academic Purposes I & II
  • English for Business
  • Practical Chinese

Year 1

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Digital Media for E-marketing and Mobile Marketing
  • Media Communication and Ethical Requirements
  • Motion Graphics for Presentation
  • Web Page Authoring
  • Digital Photography Production
  • Digital Sound Production

Year 2

  • Media Technology Workshop
  • Principles for New Media Copywriting
  • Digital Video Production
  • Advanced Motion Graphics
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Web Analytics
  • Media and Communication Project


Three students from Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication received the 1st runner-up award at the FX Creations Video Competitions. Congratulations to Charles, Harry and Calvin (Calvin was absent at the presentation ceremony)!


Please click the following link to view the advertisement clip!

Students' Activities

Visit to Cable TV
Date: 11 April 2016


Visit to Canon Pro Solution Hub
Date: 22 May 2015


Visit to Samsung D'Ling Experience New Media Digital World
Date: 25 May 2016


Visit to KOFIC Namyangju Studios (Korea)
Date: 26 May 2016


Visit to Shanghai Film Museum
Date: 7 Jun 2016


Visit to Shanghai Media Group
Date: 7 June 2016


Visit to YTN (Korea)
Date: 25 May 2016


Screen Capture of Student Assignment in Motion Graphics


Screen Capture of Student Assignment in Storytelling


1st runner up of the FX Creations Advertisement Competition


Wong Cheuk Yin, David
Wong Cheuk Yin, David
  • Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 2)

本來是誤打誤撞入讀HKU SPACE CC新媒體與傳播高級文憑課程,然而在兩年間的修讀過程中,卻漸漸令我對原本一竅不通的媒體學產生了濃厚的興趣。 在這個新媒體極巨影響力的時代,新媒體與傳播課程提供不同範疇的新媒體課程,讓學生得到接觸、學習並一嘗擔當媒體界內不同工作崗位(如影片後期製作、影片拍攝、市場定位、導演編劇等等)的滋味,助學生找到自己的興趣所在,從而加以鑽研,提升競爭力,使他們更容易規劃前程。 此外,課程亦會為學生舉辦與媒體有關的活動(如縮時攝影工作坊)以及為學生安排媒體界內的實習機會,讓學生有機會於實習和活動中更了解業界的運作,累積經驗並實踐所學。 總括而言,HKU SPACE CC的新媒體與傳播課程,絕對是一個令我感到新鮮、有趣而且實用的課程。

Chan Uen Yin, Banana
Chan Uen Yin, Banana
  • Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 2)

In these two years studying the New Media and Communication programme, I found my passion and path. Through acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills in different aspects such as marketing, media communication planning and video production, we had the chances to explore our talents and interests. I really enjoyed studying in this programme. The projects we did were challenging but fun, which we could make use of our creativity and things we learned. Also, we were provided with many unique opportunities, for example visiting i-cable, Korea study tour and shooting for aircraft engineering company. All these wonderful experiences are extremely useful to my future study and career.

Tang Shing Fung, Nick
Tang Shing Fung, Nick
  • 2016 Undergraduate in the City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Science in Creative Media


Li Hang Yee, Rachael
Li Hang Yee, Rachael
  • 升讀香港城市大學Bachelor of Arts in Digital Television and Broadcasting

記得當年放榜後,看到自己沒有任何U Offer,當下腦袋一片空白,完全不知該怎樣做。最後,只得找同學求救,在他們的陪伴下報讀了HKUSPACE。 以前總聽說專上學院的導師並不用心教,總聽說有很多free rider的存在,總聽說只有極少「太空人」能順利降落大學。但這兩年內的經歷,令我覺得我要重新定義HKUSPACE這地方。 我遇到不少有心的導師,總是幫助我。我的組員都很好,該做的事情都會辦妥。我在今年畢業終於能升上大學了。 很多時候,我們總被別人的輿論意見所影響,導致前途茫茫的感覺出現。從今以後,不要再只「聽人講」「啲人話」,要學會自己感受,其實只要努力認真做好每件事,任何東西都阻止不了你進入大學,夢想總會成真。

Au Natalie
Natalie Au
  • 升讀香港城市大學Bachelor of Arts in Digital Television and Broadcasting
  • Offer received: 香港城市大學Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media
  • Offer received: 香港浸會大學Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Communication – Media Arts

在香港大學附屬學院修讀新媒體與傳播的兩年間,認識了有關於新媒體不同方面和範疇的知識,原來比想像中多和廣泛,例如市場或媒體概論,影片剪輯與拍攝,網頁設計等。 新媒體其中一個魅力就是於日常生活的運用,從被動的一方變成主動在新媒體製作內容的一方。在學習的同時,能夠同時間在現實中簡單的實踐出來。 課堂所學習到的知識令我可以在新媒體行業的工作上得到平衡及容易適應。此外,融合課內外的知識及經驗,令我更加清楚知道自己未來的職業導向及大學選擇。

Wai Ching Yi
Wai Ching Yi
  • 2016 Undergraduate in the City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication

After studying more than a year in the New Media and Communication (NMC) programme, I think work hard and play hard is the most important part of studying in any tertiary education programme. This programme provides student with a wide range of coverage in different practical skills, such as video editing and shooting and some basic editing skills, media planning skills and different kinds of marketing strategies to promote the company’s products by using different new media tools. The courses included in this programme not only enriched our knowledge in both media and marketing fields but also enlighten our creativity in thinking and accomplishing different creative ideas. For people who have not yet decided which specific area they are interested in the most, NMC would provide you with different opportunities in meeting various learning topics and thus, I believe that after two years of studies, you will definitely be able to find your own path in learning and also in your future job prospects. Therefore if you have dreams, chase them and don’t wait for opportunities to come to you but rather to create them for yourself.

Fok Chun Kit, Kevin
Fok Chun Kit, Kevin
  • 2016 Undergraduate in the City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media

This programme provides me with knowledge in media aspect as well as gear usage. From theoretical appliance of media to actual practices of filming, I really gained a lot of chances to actualize my dream and passion. Not only media knowledge have we learnt, but we also study marketing and corporate communications, which provides us with a wide range of future career choices.

Tang Chiu Tang, Kermit
Tang Chiu Tang, Kermit
  • 升讀香港城市大學Bachelor of Arts and Science in New Media

在過去兩年,新媒體與傳播這個課程不但讓我學習到豐富的媒體知識和傳媒理論,它還讓我獲得不同的專業技巧,例如影片製作,動態圖像設計和網頁設計等等。 更重要的是,透過這個課程網我可以參加不同的活動和比賽。我曾經就參加了流動電影節,紀錄片製作和不同的參觀活動。這些寶貴的經驗讓我大開眼界,對我未來的工作也有一定的幫助。 而課程專有的設備借用服務是我最喜歡的地方,因為我可以在這裡借用到很多專業的影片製作設備。例如有單鏡反光相機,燈光設備和穩定腳架。在課餘時間裡都可以自己嘗試製作影片。 總括而言,新媒體與傳播是一個能學習到專業知識,同時也能獲得實用的技巧的課程。

Chin Ming Fung, Queenie
Chin Ming Fung, Queenie
  • 2016 Undergraduate in the Hong Kong Shue Yan University, BA (Hons) in Journalism and Mass Communication


Liu Kwok Kwan, Calvin
Liu Kwok Kwan, Calvin
  • 2016 Undergraduate in Hong Kong Baptist University, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Communication – Media Arts Major


Chan Wai Ka, Dylan
Chan Wai Ka, Dylan
  • 2015-16 Student of Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 2)


Leung Wai Kei, Jenny
Leung Wai Kei, Jenny
  • 2015-16 Student of Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication (Year 2)


Lau Hoi Ming, Harry
Lau Hoi Ming, Harry
  • 2016 Undergraduate in the University of the West of England, Bristol, BA (Honours) Media Culture & Practice

After taking the DSE, I realized that I wanted to pursue working in media. I gained experience from in-class learning, seminars and workshops as well as listening to industry experts’ experience on video editing and shooting. After having fundamental knowledge, students could have opportunities for internship in media related works as well as study tours. Mentored by those experienced and professional experts, they could put words into actions. Those chances definitely gave us a valuable experience. I believe I could have a bright future in media after studying this 2-year course.

Tang Yee Ting, Stephanie
Tang Yee Ting, Stephanie
  • 2013-15 Student of Higher Diploma in New Media and Communication
  • 2015 Undergraduate in University of the West of England, Bristol, BA (Honours) Media Culture & Practice

Apart from the academic studies, lecturers in HKU SPACE CC are always willing to give help to students and are very experienced in their fields. Also, the lecturers will use more interesting teaching methods in the lessons, such as if we had a lesson that was related to lighting, we would have some lighting equipment and could try it one by one. I was grateful to experience real-life project in a company through an internship programme and it offered me a chance to learn in a way that in-class learning could not provide. In summer, I joined a study trip to Shanghai and visited different production units and shopping malls with media arts, such as P.O., a TV station and Shanghai K11. After the trip, I knew much more about the development of media technology in China and enhanced my technological skills in different areas. In this programme, I have benefited a lot from the diversity of subjects, such as communications, marketing, media production, new media and IT related subjects. I believe all the learning experiences and knowledge will enhance my competitiveness in the future.