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  • Letter to Parents

  • Class Suspension and Arrangement

    All face-to-face classes and scheduled examinations will be cancelled for the remainder of the semester. Course delivery will be conducted online. Lecturers will upload learning materials onto SOUL and facilitate students learn. Examinations will be moved online or replaced by alternative forms of assessment. Details will be announced soon. Please check Learner Portal for details.



Information Security Workshop: Security Testing

14 Jul 2018

Information Security Workshop: Security Testing

(The workshop will introduce some open-source tools for performing security testing.)


Time:             2:00-4:00pm, 14 July (Sat)

Venue:           KEC 809

Speaker:      Mr. Ronald Pong (Nexusguard Consulting Limited)

Audience:   S5 or S6 students


Participants may bring their own computers.